A unique and flexible insurance
NNAM offers a flexible coverage which is based on the individual choices and wishes of our customers with optimal coverage and deductibles. We understand that human capital is very important for you as an employer. New supplementary insurances contribute of course to the retention of your valuable staff.

With us you can make the choice of how wide your coverage should be. Your crew insurance can exist of the following components:




With the NNAM Crew Insurance you will cover your employees for:

Medical and travel expenses – Foreign Country

  • Medical and dental expenses abroad
  • Ship to shore evacuation
  • Search and Rescue
  • Rendering Assistance
  • Unforeseen vaccines that are medically required
  • Repatriation of mortal remains (incl. funeral costs)
  • Repatriation on medical grounds
  • Repatriation on compassionate grounds:

Return to the home country if the spouse, or one of the direct family members gets into a life threatening situation through a serious accident or sudden disease

  • Urgent family reunion

Travel and accommodation expenses made by a direct family member or spouse of a crew member who has been hospitalized aboard

  • Crew replacement:

Travel expenses of a replacement of a crew member who passed away or has been repatriated on medical ground or on compassionate grounds.



Medical Expenses – Home Country

  • Medical and dental expenses in the home country as a consequence of a disease or an accident that has occurred in service of the employer.


Crew Personal Effects
Loss of personal effects of crew members because of a maritime disaster.

Temporary Disability
Coverage for temporary disability because of sickness and/or an accident. The benefit period of choice can vary, depending on the employment contract and collective agreements and will be addressed  as such in the insurance policy.

Permanent Disability
Coverage for permanent disability because of sickness and/or an accident. Permanent disability will be established according to criteria mentioned in the employment contract and collective agreements.

Loss of Life
Coverage for death because of sickness and/or an accident. The covered sums will be based on contractual obligations.

Through close contact with you we will find an insurance solution that fully corresponds with your wishes and contractual obligations. Be sure to contact us for information on what is possible for you.


Call +31 (0)50 5370590 or send an email to info@nnamcrewinsurance.nl